Rain. Lately, it seems that we have either too little or too much. At the moment, it’s too much. After very little for the past two months, we had almost three inches on Tuesday night. Now Hurricane Joaquin is en route for the weekend.

Kurt Bluemel’s terracing of our hillside 30 years ago has really helped our drainage, and our neighbors’ below us. So do the boulders he installed to hold the hill and our many plants and trees, both conifer and deciduous.

The development that went in farther up the hill 50 years ago, however, still causes runoff. A wide river of water pours down the lane and the land every major storm.

During Hurricane Irene the wall of A.C.’s wine cellar started to collapse due to a construction flaw in the lowest course of cinder blocks. That’s all fixed now, but the forecast of flooding continues be alarming.

As Joaquin approaches, our gutters and drains are clear, and the pool umbrella is stored. We hope the pruning we’ve done this year helps to keep the deciduous trees upright, and we hope the same for our neighbors.

We’ll look forward to beautiful fall color to follow the storm.