fbpx Mid Summer at On Walnut Hill



In midsummer stillness, garden layers reveal themselves.

Layers of green: avocado, viridian, forest, lime, teal, silvery, and chartreuse mingle, striated like the rocks around them.

Layers of texture: frilly and fuzzy, spiked and prostrate, crinkled and smooth.

Layers of shape: palmate, oval, oblong, hearts, threads, spatulas, and dimes. Some defy definition. Geometry weaves the acres together, creating living sculpture around a rectangular house.

Amid the layers, midsummer’s deeper blooming perennials – gold rudbeckia, magenta hibiscus, red roses – move the eye through beds and punctuate sheets of green.

On layers of decades, layers of rock and earth, midsummer evolves.

— Kathy Hudson