Happy 2016 to all. The rain in Maryland has finally stopped. The sun is out. Temperatures are cooler than they were tropical Christmas week, when plants suddenly started showing some spring color.

We now have the premature yellow blooms on our Jasminum nudiflorum that romps down the hill and on the statuesque Mahonia aquifolium by the house. Daffodils are pushing up. Several varieties of hellebores are in bloom. We’ve heard that in town some Prunus × yedoensis (Yoshino cherry) trees are sporting their pink ballerina skirts.

Warmer temperatures have allowed more time in the garden, and more time for maintenance. We had some fence sections replaced in the woodland garden. Our birdhouses needed attention, so we also replaced a few of those. One roost had completely disintegrated on the side of a tree. It’s important for small birds to have safe places away from predators and bad weather. Recent torrential rain made us glad we’d had a chance to replace that rustic roost.

Now all we have to do is figure out what’s ailing some of the hollies.


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