Fall Blooms

After the hoopla of the book launch weekend at Cylburn and the “Garden Rant” shout-out, stepping into the garden brings instant calm. It also brings the surprise of many blooms.

We forget how many flowers fill the fall garden until we walk the paths. At every turn a profuse stand of perennials greets us: asters, anemones, ‘Hillside Sheffield Pink’ chrysanthemums.

Fall Garden 151


Fall Garden 134


Fall Garden 10


Blooms in the fall garden, like a quiet moment after feverish excitement, are noticed and felt.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.22.30 AM

Walking peaceful paths, alone but not alone, rejuvenates. Robins cover the callicarpa and winterberry bushes. Berries seem more profuse this year. Some say it’s a sign of a harsh winter. We hope not.

Shorter days at season’s end make dahlia and rose blossoms iridescent and precious.



Crimson floods the Japanese maple ‘Tamukeyama’ in robust autumnal surge.

Fall Garden 18


Photos by Penney Hubbard and Kathy Hudson