Emerging Spring
on walnut hill on walnut hill on walnut hill
on walnut hill on walnut hill on walnut hill

After some false starts – high 70-degree days followed by snow and freezing temperatures – spring seems to have arrived for good. We’re still riding a weather roller coaster, but no frost is in the forecast.

An 80-degree Saturday has brought more color to the brown landscape. All over town pink tulle skirts on Yoshino cherry trees stand out, seemingly undamaged by recent nighttime temperatures in the 20s.

On Walnut Hill daffodils romp the hillside. Bright green needles on a weeping larch (Larix decidua ‘Pendula’) emerge from cascading branches. Hellebores dance in the woodland, where trilliums rise from the ground. We eagerly anticipate their white blossoms above the hallmark three leaves. Tiny Chionodoxa surround them like star-shaped sapphires.

Among our favorite ephemerals, the Mertensia virginica has emerged. Closed violet bells intimate the blue and pink riot that soon will spread beneath the trees.

Our roses are pruned and fed. The compost, instead of mulch, is spread. The potting table is full of pansies, purple and white, and several have been planted. Nothing beats the feel of warming earth or the sight of oncoming color.