Big leaves. Tall plants. Prodigious blooms. More than nine inches of rain in the past six weeks have created a Rosseau-esque vision on Walnut Hill. Our plants look as if we’ve treated them with major fertilizer, but we have not.

Not since June 2014, when Roger Foley documented our early summer gardens for the book, has everything been this lush.

Leaves on the edgeworthia, hellebores and hostas are mammoth. Even those on normally tiny-leafed vinca vines and lime Lysimachia nummularia (creeping Jenny) look larger.  The water seems to have produced more leaves, which enhance the texture of the green tapestry around our house.

All of the plants seem taller too.  Perennial Amsonia hubrectii this year resembles a low hedge. The Thalictrum rochebruneanum (meadow rue), that reminds us of slender ballerinas on point, seems close to its maximum height of six feet. The astillibes are fuller and frilly, the Bowles’ golden sedge are celebratory lime fireworks.

And talk about green. Verdant is the word. Chlorophyll’s cascading down Walnut Hill. Emerald City comes to mind.