On Walnut Hill


This is the story of a garden.
It is also the story of a family in their garden.

The garden began in 1969, when A.C. and Penney Hubbard moved to Walnut Hill in Ruxton, Maryland.

Over nearly a half-century, passionate gardeners A.C. and Penney Hubbard collaborated with renowned plantsman, the late Kurt Bluemel, to transform a two-acre hillside into a horticultural masterpiece. Listed in the Smithsonian Archives of American Gardens, the Hubbard’s elegant garden has been featured in national and regional magazines and as a destination for prestigious national and regional garden tours. The new book ON WALNUT HILL features essays and text by noted garden writer Kathy Hudson and the images of award-winning photographer Roger Foley. Bluemel’s fellow plantsman, Allen Bush, contributes a foreword. Featuring more than 270 pages filled with breathtaking photographs of the Hubbard’s exquisite gardens, ON WALNUT HILL details this couple’s passion and tireless efforts to create the ultimate living landscape.